MMS Insight Series: MMI Executive Committee Co-Chair

May 17, 2016


In designing the summit, we worked very hard to answer two questions - First was to pinpoint key features, relevant enough for every participating medic from every level to engage in discussion with; and the second was to ensure that everyone’s needs and interests were well explored.

The answer to the first question was the system that we work in. I approached this question like a toddler learning to walk, but the team and I have poured in hours of homework to research articles, podcasts, following news for the past 6 months to bring to focus the subjects that are relevant today: Politics, in light of the recent GE & how that changes things in healthcare today, and to help facilitate a discussion on healthcare policy which has been largely ignored during this election. Finance, because private healthcare is stronger & investments in it are growing, so we need to answer some questions to prepare for the future in planning our career progression in the future. Global challenges in healthcare in Malaysia, because that affects our patient care every. single. day. We are bringing in some big names for this - some of them you may be familiar with, but we are picking them very carefully this time.

But keynotes, panel discussions - these don’t interest everyone. In fact, feedback usually shows that it is the most boring aspect of conferences. That is why we cater by organising a hybrid specialising workshop which was adapted based on positive feedback from previous summits, and made it bigger and better (now in a hospital! with more specialties!). We designed our symposiums on medical education and medical practice to be interactive (think live polling, live-tweeting experiences!). Socials this time is going to be completely FRESH and NEW - we are bringing in Tribeless conversations, and I  can’t wait for you to experience it. Their portfolio is nothing short of impressive for their small team, and we’re really lucky to be able to get them to work with us for this Summit, just head over to their Facebook page to read what they’re up to! There are plenty of opportunities for everyone to participate and shine in the case, research, AND even art competitions. I can go on and on, but you get my point.

You’ll also see that Pre-Medical chapter is introduced, as elaborated by both Sashi & Ian, and this is also the first time doctors are included - not just medical students! If you’re a house officer, you’ll be eligible for CDG points as well, by attending our summit. It’s cliché to say that we are growing bigger & better, but I think in this case it’s fair to say that we are, and you can definitely expect your experience this time to be bigger, and better.

The only way we sustain & the only way we are able to do this again year after year is based on the support of the medical community. We pride ourselves on being a bottom-up structure, whatever is received, is reflected and given back in the experiences & events we provide, to our best ability. The fact that we can afford to even think of changing Malaysian Medical Student Summit - to Malaysian Medical Summit, is testament to your support. We sincerely thank Malaysian medics that have been with us in this journey - from MMI Malaysia, UK, Ireland, India, Russia, Australia (soon! - bing us if you want to help), and now MMI Doctors, and MMI Young Medics. I hope you’ll take the time to consider joining us in this big, but intimate 2-day event, and I look forward to meeting you.

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