Connect, Educate, and Cultivate

Since the curation of Malaysian Medics International, we have always strived to become the peak representative body for all Malaysian medical students.

The different regional branches, MMI Malaysia, MMI UK, MMI Ireland, MMI India and MMI Russia, cater specifically to the medical student community's needs, under the respective pillars: connect, educate, and cultivate. For regional branches abroad, connecting and representing the interests of Malaysian medical student bodies away from home have been particularly meaningful, as it allows them to stay in touch with the Malaysian scene.

The other thing we dreamed of, was to eventually forge a Malaysian medical community that had seamless, transparent cohesion from bottom to top. This was how Malaysian Medical Student Summit (MMSS) came along 4 years ago. It was where Malaysian medical students from all over the world were congregated for a two-day feast of intellectual discourse and workshops. On top of that, it was the first time medical students became part of the same conversation with policy makers, addressing pressing issues and clarifying ideas.

Today, the attendees from the first MMSS in 2014 have graduated and are currently going through horsemanship, but they remain part of our audience. It became apparent that the way forward was to cater beyond medical students, and to bring forth pre-medical students, doctors, healthcare professionals, and policy consultants and decision makers to the same congregation.

Hence, for the first time, MMI will be hosting Malaysian Medical Summit, and in line with the idea of breaking off from the past norm, the theme this year is The Bigger Picture.


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